Welcome to Raq2da

Raq2da offers consultancy and migration tools for webhosting industry professionals who wish to migrate their Cobalt Raq accounts to a webserver running with DirectAdmin control panel software. A dedicated migration service is now available that provides easy and transparent data transfer and account management.

The service is now extended to migrations of Plesk and Hsphere to DirectAdmin. Raq2da also provides support for setup, configuration and activation of (Dell) internet servers (Amsterdam networking facility) with DirectAdmin webcontrol. Raq2da is based in the Netherlands.

Service discontinued

The inner workings

The raq2da migration tool can remotely access any Cobalt Raq server and read the data (domains, users, quota, email addresses etc) stored in it's Postgres database provided that proper permissions are in place. Alternatively the data can be collected from a shell script residing on the raq server. Raq2da stores all data in a MySQL database. The application can retrieve information from the raq server and export data to a directadmin server on a per user basis, that is a single domain or all the domains on that server. Raq2da exports data making use of the DirectAdmin Control panel API (application programming interface). This will take care of proper installing all of the domains, users, e-mail accounts and ftp accounts. Two separate shell scripts will take care of file migration. The one on the raq builds domain backups (and incremental backups when needed) and sends the backups files to the target server without further intervention. The DirectAdmin shell scripts takes its queue from the MySQL database and reassembles the webaccounts with the proper file paths, permissions and ownership of all user files.

Main features

  • Preserves all user settings: username, e-mail address, aliases, e-mail forwards, ftp accounts.
  • Automatic correction illegal usernames
  • Preserves all Frontpage settings
  • Checks all domain dns server and A records. This will ensure that a domain listed on the RAQ server is actually hosted on this server (and not just parked or forgotten about). It will also assists updating a dns zone file when dns records are not kept on the Cobalt raq itself.
  • Collects all e-mail addresses present from users with siteadmin status present in the Cobalt raq.
  • Preserves MajorDomo mailinglists.
  • Flexibility: migration targeted accounts on RAQ to specific DA server. For instance collect users from 4 RAQS to a single DA server or distribute RAQ accounts to different DA servers.
  • Preserves dedicated IP numbers
  • Allows pre-setting user DA packages prior to migration
  • Preserves index page (e.g. index.php or index.htm or index.html)
  • Automatic e-mail notifications to all users (local e-mail delivery DA circumvented).
  • Sanity checks for instance presence of at least one siteadmin.
  • File backups on a per user basis. Subsequent backups are incremental saving time and resources.
  • Matches MySQL database with user account, automatic mysql account generation, backups and restore.
  • Provides a list of all files and line number on the target server with path references no longer compatible with DirectAdmin (e.g. /home/sites/site55/web/thisfile.php)
  • Handles migration of crypted passwords (optional)